TYPO3 CMS Services

TYPO3 CMS: the proven opensource enterprise CMS

  • If we could choose, we would build every website with TYPO3 CMS. The reasons? TYPO3 CMS is robust, scalable and offers a range of possibilities that makes your website suitable for small and large applications.

    TYPO3 CMS is an enterprise level content management system. With this software you can maintain your website from anywhere. Moreover, you can create any kind of website, regardless of the design or the number of pages. And if you want your website to be accessible to smartphones and tablets, then TYPO3 CMS is your content management system of choice.

    ROODlicht is the TYPO3 specialist for services in the areas of TYPO3 Webdesign, TYPO3 CMS Customization, and TYPO3 Optimization. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the latest developments, we are often called upon for TYPO3 Consultancy about the quality of delivered customization and / or TYPO3 websites. Examples are the control of TYPO3 Extbase extensions, independent acceptance testing of projects and project management for TYPO3 projects.

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  • Multilingualism

    Multilingualism: TYPO3 CMS supports multilingualism out-of-the-box. You do not need to install any additional modules, it is just part of the basic functionality. It is a matter of configuration, and then the editor can add additional languages to the pages.

    At the front of the website, we just link the multilingualism through flags or abbreviations of the language. Just what the designer has created.


    Responsive Webdesign: makes the same content available on smartphones and tablets. The TYPO3 CMS makes that possible.

    With responsive webdesign we improve accessibility for visitors. And if you prefer to let your visitors see completely different content when they visit your website with a smartphone, than we can also arrange that with the standard TYPO3 CMS.


    Scalable: is often used as a real IT-term to describe the power of TYPO3 CMS. And yes, the TYPO3 CMS is easy to scale if you suddenly get more visitors or if you decide to add millions of documents. Then you need a scalable solution.

    The underlying layer of a MySQL database can even be replaced by an Oracle or Microsoft database.


    Search Engine Optimization: a top 10 placement in the search engines for relevant keywords is largely determined by the underlying technology. For that, TYPO3 CMS is the right solution.

    Provided that the website is of high quality, the findability of TYPO3 websites will score extremely well. So good that a well known Dutch marketing magazine in an article TYPO3 specifically named as the most ideal CMS for search engine optimization.

    User friendly

    User friendly: editors should be happy to work on a daily basis in a CMS. They can with TYPO3.

    You actually don’t need any coding knowledge to make specific formatting. TYPO3 CMS shows many similarities with any text editor, and thus the use is clear and simple.

TYPO3 CMS Services by ROODlicht: focus on a qualitative result