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TYPO3 Consultancy by ROODlicht: the only true source of unbiased information

  • ROODlicht knows what is going on in the TYPO3 community and the TYPO3 Association. We know what developments are coming, and what to expect for the near future of TYPO3 CMS. With this information we can understand how they may affect your situation. Our method of TYPO3 consultancy is based on a practical and clear approach by combining an understanding of your situation, your expectations and our knowledge.

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  • ROODlicht is the TYPO3 expert. Our knowledge about TYPO3 CMS dates back to 2002. In that year we started as one of the first specialists in deploying TYPO3 CMS for customers. To make our services complete we also support other products from the TYPO3 Community like TYPO3 Neos, TYPO3 Flow to name just a few.

    TYPO3 Consultancy for existing TYPO3 websites

    Some organizations already have an existing TYPO3 website. After a few years in service it’s often advisable to examine if the CMS still meets the requirements. Maybe you’re organisation has grown and there are more editors active, or you’re still working in an old TYPO3 version with a horrible user interface. ROODlicht can assess which issues exist, and which issues can be fixed or changed. With our TYPO3 Consultancy services we can help you with, for example:

    • doing an assessment of the security of your TYPO3 environment
    • the used extensions/modules, and if they still are the best available for the goals you set
    • a check if your current setup is still usable for the current market developments
    • checking if the choices from your current supplier are still the right ones
    • to check if the latest developments in the TYPO3 community may be interesting for you
    • to get the most out of your TYPO3 installation
    • etc.

    TYPO3 Consultancy on new websites

    You have done a good pre-selection of a content management system, you have selected a great supplier, and after some period of time the website is ready to go live. But you do not have the time or skills to check if all work has been delivered or worse, if the quality is met. Within our TYPO3 Consultancy services ROODlicht helps you determine whether the agreed functionality and design have the high quality that you would expect for the price you paid. What else can we do for you?

    • Quick scan of the completed website by looking at the functional requirements and what has been delivered
    • Quality control of the modules used, and the templates that have been built
    • We can even do some extensive quality testing on the basis of our own test plan which we include looking at safety, robustness and quality of code
    • We can do a complete checkup if custom modules are set up according to the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines, if they exhibit any security holes and to what extent they are also efficiently programmed (both Extbase, Flow or Pibase)

    In all cases we provide a thorough advisory report containing our findings. This can sometimes be confrontational. However, the advantage is that you know that high costs in the future can be avoided.

You want to be sure? Contact ROODlicht regarding TYPO3 Consultancy Services. Call: +3185 002 0486