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  • Content management Systems are at a dead end

    Content management systems are at a dead end

    Yep, you read it well. Strictly speaking traditional Content Management Systems are at a dead end. Approximately 20 years ago we started building websites with systems like HotMetalPro, Frontpage and Dreamweaver. Then the first content management systems arrived. For example TYPO3 was launched in 1998, Drupal in 2001 and WordPress in 2003. And off course also the […]

  • Responsive Design is a poor man's content strategy

    Responsive Design: a poor man’s Content Strategy

    If your new website is not suitable for mobile devices, you’re missing a lot of possible customers. So what happens, all of the internet is flooded with websites that use responsive design as content strategy. Most built according to the bootstrap concept/framework. And yes, it is awfully nice to see that the website adapts to […]