Baas MSN Live twijfelt over de marketingkracht van de naam ‘Live’

In een interview in de New York Times met de in april door Microsoft aangestelde Steve Berkowitz twijfelt hij over de marketingkracht van de naam ‘Live’, beseft hij terdege dat Microsoft nog steeds op achterstand zit met zoektechnologie, en wordt de kritische toon gezet of Microsoft nog wel de achterstand op giganten als Google kan inhalen.

Enkele citaten uit het interview:

“I don’t know if Live is the right name,” he said, saying he had not decided what to do about it. But before he gets around to deciding whether to change the brand, he wants to make Microsoft’s search engine itself more appealing to consumers.

“I have all these users who come to MSN and a very small subset of them use our search,” he said. “My No. 1 strategy is to keep these people from leaking.”

Kevin Lee, the chairman of Did-It, a search marketing agency, said neither MSN nor Windows Live would appeal to consumers in a market where Google has become a synonym for Web search. “People don’t see Microsoft as the place you search,” Mr. Lee said. “MSN is not a verb, and neither is Windows Live.”

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